Best 24V 100Ah Lithium Battery UK (LiFePO4)

Welcome to Off Grid Power Geek! Without further ado, let’s check out the Best 24V 100Ah Lithium Battery UK.

We’ve been in the battery game for over 2 decades and we’ve overseen the arrival of Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. It’s fair to say they’ve changed the game, and especially since they now work out cheaper in the long run, with a ton of advantages compared to other battery types.

The best all-rounder is the Eco Worthy 24V 100Ah battery. The best for long lifespan is the DC House Lithium battery. And best for quality and guarantee from our testing and analysis is the LiGen LiFePO4 battery

Best all rounder LiFePO4 24V 100Ah Battery

Eco Worthy 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Battery Capacity: 100Ah
  • Dimensions: 384 x 194 x 254mm
  • Weight: 20.3kg (44.75lb)
Top Lithium Battery for Long Lifespan

DC House LiFePO4 Battery 24V 100Ah

  • Voltage: 24V
  • Battery Capacity: 100Ah
  • Dimensions: 384 x 194 x 254mm
  • Weight: 20.3kg (44.75lb)
Best for quality & guarantee
LiGen 24v 100Ah

LiGen 24V 100Ah Lithium Leisure Battery

Voltage: 24V
Battery Capacity: 100Ah
Dimensions: 522 x 240 x 224mm (including terminals)
Weight: 19kg

Here at Off Grid Power Geek, we’ve been there, seen it and done it as far as Lithium batteries are concerned.

We’ve been to the factories, seen how they’re made, discussed them with distributor after distributor and end user after end user.

And the result? These are the top 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 batteries on the UK market.

Our selections were based on:

  • How reliable was the power provided by the battery?
  • How strong the power produced was
  • Quality of Lithium cells
  • Build quality of the components and casing
  • Manufacturer quality
  • Charging speed
  • Ease of charging
  • Ability to handle deep discharge
  • Extent the battery could provide short, large bursts of power

In this deep dive, we’ll let you know exactly how to pick the best 24V 100Ah battery for your specific usage needs.

Best 24V 100Ah Battery

best 24v 100Ah Lithium battery UK

100Ah 24V LiFePO4 Battery Reviews

Let’s check out the top batteries of this type, and see what are their respective strengths and weaknesses.

Best all rounder LiFePO4 24V 100Ah Battery

Eco Worthy LiFePO4 Battery 100Ah 24V

Pros and who needs this :

Exceptional value
That has to be the first thing to mention. Eco Worthy have done exceptionally well to produce a quality LiFePO4 battery at this price level. We’ve been watching this market over the last eighteen months or so, and they’ve carved out a huge chunk of the UK market. And despite the relatively low price, the battery is good quality. 2024 has seen a massive drop in price compared to as recently as mid-2022, and this battery is certainly representative of that.

It’s really compact
If space is at a premium for you, then the Eco Worthy battery is the one for you. It’s 384mm x 194mm x 254mm, that makes it shorter, thinner and of equivalent depth to to the other top 24V 100Ah Lithium batteries on the UK market. That’s really a lot smaller than the vast majority of others – such as the LiGen battery.

Good after-sales service
Eco Worthy have UK after sales and service. The batteries are made in China, but they have a good reputation for being contactable and reasonable if there are any issues, certainly much more than a lot of Chinese sellers.

It’s powerful
The maximum discharge current matches the other best batteries of this type, on this list at a surge current of 300 Amps. And it’s even better for long power, able to provide a continuous discharge of 100A. In case it’s relevant for you, the LiGen battery can deliver a 200A maximum discharge current, albeit only for 10 seconds. Why is the Eco Worthy 24V battery able to provide such high power continuously? Because Eco Worthy Lithium batteries cells have very high energy density.

Excellent protections from water and dust
Even better than the LiGen battery on this measure, in fact. IP56 protection. That means, as well as the same level of protection from dust, it offers even more protection from water. That is, the battery is made such that it keeps out even strong jets of water, such as those on the deck of a ship. That being the case, this is certainly the best LiFePO4 100Ah 24V battery for you, if your application involves potential contact with water..

The best for building a large battery bank
You can connect 2 batteries in series and up to 4 in parallel. That’s a lot. If you’re considering building a large battery bank made from 24V batteries, this is certainly the best choice of Lithium battery for you.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

No self-heating function
In 2024, there are a few LiFePO4 batteries that come with a self-heating function, but not this Eco Worthy model. You can discharge (in other words, use it to power things) down to -20C but if you can’t charge it if the temperature is below zero.

Fairly short warranty
There’s just a 3 year warranty with this battery, despite its professed possible 10 year lifespan. Now, you may or may not be aware that Lithium batteries, made by a quality maker – which Eco Worthy are – rarely have problems. That’s in large part due to the quality BMS (Battery Management System), which makes it really quite difficult to harm the battery; monitoring every cell for charge level and temperature, preventing dangerous or harmful situations before they happen. That said, some people will prefer the security of a fairly long warranty with such a significant investment.

Where can I get it?

Here’s the best priced place to get it, right here.

Top Lithium Battery for Long Lifespan

DC House 100Ah 24V Lithium Battery

Pros and who needs this :

It’s super long-lasting
You can expect as many as 4000 cycles from the DC House 24V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery and potentially even more than that. Though you can discharge to 100%, we recommend discharging to around 90% for maximum longevity. A little bit less is even better. The more consistently you do that, the longer the battery will last. It’s quite possible to get as much as 12-15 years if you do this (and let’s throw in a dash of good fortune too!).

Superior ability to connect batteries in a system (a battery bank, compared to most 24V batteries
You can join 4 batteries in parallel and 2 in series. So you’ve got a lot of options to create battery systems of higher voltage and capacity. If you’re building a medium to large battery bank for solar or you have high power needs for your campervan or motorhome, this is certainly your best 24V 100Ah Lithium battery option. And also if you feel you may want to add more batteries in the future to create a more powerful system; if you get this battery you can do that. If you get the LiGen battery, for example, your options for higher capacity systems are limited to 100Ah only.

Quality maker
We did the rounds on battery distributors and companies that use batteries on an industrial scale – and the feedback on DC House’s batteries is good. Check out online reviews and you’ll see the same. They’re reliable, have really consistent power delivery and it very rarely have any problems.

Low cost considering the quality
It’s about a third of the cost of the LiGen Lithium battery of this size, that ain’t buttons. And though it’s still a sizeable investment, when you consider that you might have to replace a lead-acid battery 5 or 6 times in the period this battery will last, it works out a darned sight cheaper than a lead-acid battery in the long run.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

Not as much protection from dust and water ingress as the LiGen battery
That could be an issue depending on where you’ll keep the battery. if it’s going to be somewhere dry and with little chance of water or dust ingress then you’ve no need for it.

Significantly shorter warranty period
The warranty period is 3 years. That’s just half of the 6 year warranty offered by the No.3 battery on our list, by LiGen (which, admittedly, costs a great deal more). That said, we’d remind you that DC House batteries have a good reputation for build quality and longevity.

Less accessible manufacturer (compared to LiGen)
The maker is Chinese. That’s true of the vast majority of Lithium batteries on the market. Now of course, you can get in touch via Amazon if there’s any issue in the short term. Of course, in the longer term, it’s likely that Amazon would direct you to the manufacturer with any issues.

Where to get it?

Check it out at lowest cost on Amazon, here.

Best for quality & guarantee

LiGen 24V 100Ah Lithium Battery

LiGen 24v 100Ah

Pros and who needs this :

Great quality Lithium cells
The Lithium cells are high quality; that means excellent ability to deal with all type of charge/discharge cycles. It means it copes well even with being left in a discharged state.

Allows you to discharge to 100% DoD
That means you can completely discharge the battery until no charge is left. Try doing that with a lead-acid battery and you’ll find it permanently fails on you sooner rather than later. Lead-acid batteries should only be discharged to 50%. Meaning that 1 100Ah battery can actually only consistently give you 50Ah of power; and you’d find that voltage drops considerably as charge gets low. With the LiGen Lithium battery you can get as much as 100Ah of power from each charge, and voltage stays consistent right up until it’s fully discharged.

Mammoth 6 year guarantee
That’s a pretty great guarantee for any product, and even more so for a battery. It certainly shows extreme high confidence in the quality of their product.

Irish manufacturer
Some people will like buying a battery from a manufacturer close to home. This battery is sold by Sunstore, a UK company of very solid reputation. And it has the aforementioned 6 year guarantee by the maker, Li-Gen, an Irish company. Li-Gen batteries use the highest quality materials.

Solid protection from water and dust
The LiGen 24V 100Ah battery is IP55 rated. What does that mean? It means it has protection from anything larger that dust getting inside, and some protection against dust itself. As well as protection against low pressure water jets from all directions. Depending on where you’ll keep the battery, that could be a crucial aspect for you. Not many batteries on the market have this level of protection. It significantly boosts your chance of getting a decade long lifespan and beyond.

Cons and why this model is not for you:

Fairly poor ability to connect batteries together
You can connect two batteries in series; and you can’t connect it to other batteries in parallel at all. That means you can create a 48V battery bank, with 100Ah capacity. But you can’t combine the LiGen LiFePO4 battery with other batteries to make a system with higher capacity than 100Ah.

It’s much more expensive than the other batteries
There’s no getting around it, it’s pricey. Essentially you’re paying more for it being made in the British Isles (Ireland specifically), the long guarantee, and of course for the quality. You’ll need to weigh up if it’s worth the higher price or not. If you’re comparing it to a lead-acid battery, remember that this battery can easily last 10 years and probably even more than that. And it’s giving you almost 100Ah capacity on each charge, whereas the lead-acid battery will only give you 50Ah (at acceptable voltage levels and to ensure a decent lifespan).

Where can you get it?

Here’s the best place to get the LiGen 24V 100Ah battery, at Sunstore.

How To Pick The Right 24V 100Ah Battery For You?

Here’s how to decide which of the top 24V 100Ah batteries on the UK market is the right one for you.

Do You Need It To Be Dust and Water Resistant?

And to what level do you need that?

This depends on your usage. Clearly if this battery is for a boat, then you’d want the maximum protection offered.

Or if it’s for a solar battery bank system which is going to be somewhere dusty and where some water could potentially reach it, you’ll want to consider this.

If so, then the LiGen battery also offers really good dust and water resistance, with an IP55 rating. IP56 would have been ideal, though. What’s the difference? An IP56 battery is is better able to keep out strong jets of water, whereas the LiGen battery will only offer protection from low pressure water jets.

If the battery will be stored somewhere warm and dry, then the Eco Worthy and DC House batteries will be fine, you probably don’t need that much protection.

Even in this case, high quality batteries like these are products that could easily last 10 years, and potentially 15 years or more. That’s enough time for even small amounts of dust to find their way inside the battery. If you’re really keen to maximise the potential lifespan of the battery, you may wish to get a battery with IP55 or IP56 protection even in this use case.

FYI, here’s why Lithium leisure batteries last so long.

Are you building a battery bank?

Or would you potentially wish to do that in the future?

If so, it’s easy to see that the Eco Worthy battery provide the best opportunities to do that. Allowing for 2 batteries in series, and 4 batteries in parallel is a lot for this type of battery.

The DC House 24V 100Ah Lithium battery also lets you connect 2 in series, and 4 in parallel. Remember, it has to the be the same batteries that you connect! The same make and model.

This is the major weakness of the LiGen battery, you can only connect 2 in series, and you can’t connect any of these batteries in parallel at all. If you just need the one battery for your purpose, then you’re good. If you may want to build a bigger solar battery bank, for example, in future, the Eco Worthy or DC House batteries are the way to go.

Is 100Ah the right size of battery for you?

If you need a bigger battery capacity, check out the best 24V 200Ah Lithium ion batteries in the UK. (Or you can go down to 12V, 200Ah batteries.)

Or a higher capacity still? Here are the top 300Ah LiFePO4 batteries (but 12V ones).

Need to work out which size? Here’s how to work out the size of leisure battery you need.

Best 24V 100Ah Lithium Battery UK Summary

That’s it, then. Those are the best 24V 100Ah Lithium Batteries UK.

Our testing and analysis of the market revealed those three batteries to be the best. Each one has top quality Lithium cells, and a BMS with all the overcharge, undercharge, over temperature, overvoltage (etc.) protections that have made LiFePO4 the safest type of battery on the market in 2023. The power produced by these batteries, the consistency of the power even when charge gets low, is very good. They cope well even with very high discharge levels, and it’s actually quite a challenge to harm them, with the BMS monitoring constantly. That results in the likelihood of decade long lifespan, if not more.

Those factors were consistent across all three of the top rated batteries on this page.

The Eco Worthy 24V Lithium battery was the top all round Lithium battery of this size. It had the best dust and water resistance, and excellent power performance. And is the standout for ability to make a battery bank. Relatively short warranty period, though – why not back up their 10 year lifespan estimation with a warranty at least half that length?

The DC House 24V 100Ah battery was rated highly for the excellent feedback and BMS quality, showing a strong likeliness for a long lifespan. It’s maker is less contactable if there are any issues further down the line, though.

Then we dialled down further in our analysis, and found the quality of the components of the LiGen Lithium battery, and noted that it’s the most confident manufacturer, offering a hefty 6 year guarantee. We’ve never seen a guarantee like that before, for any battery type.

Hope this article helps with your choice, good luck!